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Shatterglass Studios is an award winning new media development and film and video production company dedicated to producing high-quality, high-impact media that resonates with the modern and multi-sensory appetite of today’s culture.


RED Scarlet-X Digital Cinema
Canon 60D
Canon C100
GoPro Hero 3
Canon 5D Mark III


Adobe Premiere CS6
Adobe After Effects CS6
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe Audition CS6
Adobe Encore CS6
Final Cut Studio (Includes Final Cut Pro, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, Color, DVD Studio Pro and Compressor)
Autodesk Maya
Cinema 4D
Logic Pro
Cinema Tools
Pixar Renderman
RED Cine
RED Alert

Our Studio

5700 sq/ft building with offices, conference room, editing suite and soundstage

Films + Awards

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“Wow! Four Stars! This is a wonderful film! How vividly and with what liveliness this documentary captures the essence of Ebertfest–its real people, warm audiences, and enthusiastic honorees. It helps explain why people love to attend.”

Roger Ebert
American journalist, film critic and screenwriter

“I work with a lot of vendors but none bring me the satisfaction I get working with Shatterglass. I enjoy the exchange of ideas and I also like the way Shatterglass approaches problem solving.”

Chris Hunt
Pavlov Media


“My first experience with Shatterglass was in 2013 and we had two projects that backed up to each other and required quick turns. I was able provide minimal direction and receive quality products. I’ve worked with many other production houses and agencies and I found this to be one of the smoothest working relationships. I look forward to working with you again soon.”

Dana Meek, Director of Communications
Health Alliance


“Working with Shatterglass Studios on the production of 40 North’s ACE Awards video was a dream! The team was prompt, professional, kind, and extremely talented. The production quality was taken to the next level because of their knowledge and attention to detail. They went above and beyond what we had asked and proved their abilities in the studio ten fold. They graciously donated their time and talents to the ACE Awards, and 40 North couldn’t have been more pleased with the results.”

Amanda Baker
40 North


“Our project with Shatterglass was to film in a very challenging environment, with the added stress of tight time limitations on the space. The entire Shatterglass team was incredibly dedicated to getting the very best shots, even as the day stretched into the fourteenth hour of shooting. The final product exceeded our expectations (and our client’s.) Shatterglass will absolutely be our first choice when we’re planning to craft any video marketing in the future.”

Melanie Shellito
Artezen LLC


“Shatterglass Studios brings Hollywood to Illinois. They run a powerhouse of creative brilliance mixed together with incredible drive to provide superior ‘client’ services, so everyone wins! I am so very proud of the projects they completed for our agency, and I feel honored that I had the pleasure of working together with them.”

Laura Nestler, Executive Vice President
Omni Communications Group, Inc


“Recently we hired Shatterglass Studios to create a promotional 8-10 minute film to introduce our company to prospective clients. We are very skilled at creating and restoring stained glass windows, however we are very limited in our knowledge of film making! So it was a large leap of faith to hire a company to produce this video. At the very first meeting with Brett and Luke we knew we had the right company. They were very attentive to our needs and truly just listened.

During production we requested on site filming at churches and businesses. The crew at Shatterglass Studios was very non-invasive and cooperated fully with each site. They made each of our volunteer testimonial givers feel very much at ease and it shows through in the final product.

As we watched the video for the first time the feeling was incredible. Somehow they captured our thoughts and ideas in a very moving and believable film. It was truly amazing to us. We could not be more pleased with the final video and the effort Shatterglass Studios. To just recommend them as a business partner in media production is not enough, we would not settle for anyone else!”

Ron Weaver
Jacksonville Art Glass


“We were looking for a fresh, innovative approach for our TV spots, and are quite pleased with the creative results. Working with Brett and Luke at Shatterglass Studios was a pleasure. They grasped the concept quickly, are technically creative, and bring enthusiasm to their work. I highly recommend them and will hire them again.”

Mary Kay Dailey
Marketing and Communications
College of Business at ILLINOIS


“Genius! The production quality is incredibly high, too (sound, visual, transitions, text, pace), especially given the (lack of) time and resources. The whole is focused beautifully on three innovations that are pragmatic and credible and already at root here. The science fiction dimension (extrapolation of present tech and its social impacts) is treated with realism and sense — there’s nothing far-fetched.

And the whole is humanized through sympathetic and believable interviews with real, diverse, interesting people — sure the solar house guy is nerdy, but he’s a nerd with a great life and a glass of wine. And advocacy is shown across groups, from city to university to students / grassroots to researchers to private individuals just making things work.

I was especially struck by the careful filming that gave a sense of progress that isn’t fully realized on the ground yet (that shot of the Twike in the complete street, e-powered / peddle-powered lane). Master stroke!”

Kelly Searsmith, Ph.D.,  Assistant Director for Planning and Development
edream Emerging Digital Research and Education in Arts Media Institute.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


“We are thrilled with the commercials that you produced for our firm. You clearly and and effectively conveyed the images for which we were striving. You guys were the upmost professionals throughout the process.

We debated on a lower cost provider vs. your studio at the top end of our budget. There is no question that the value you delivered was more than commensurate with the cost. Everyone we talk with says the commercials appear equal to national advertising quality.

Thanks again for the great experience! We look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Douglas L. Skinner, CFP, MBA
James D. Copper, CFP, CLU
Ryan J. Ehmen, CPA

“Shatterglass’s work has a high-quality finish that is typically only found in large studios in major metropolitan areas. They are very creative and are able to work under crushing deadlines when needed. It is awesome to have such talent right here in our community.”

Melia Smith


“This correspondence serves as my highest recommendation for Shatterglass Studios, as I consider Brett Hays and Luke Boyce to be The Ultimate Professionals.  They were absolutely wonderful to work with, exhibiting a great deal of patience with us along the way.  They LISTENED to what we really wanted.  In addition, they met all of our deadlines, as well as assuring us that our collaboration would not end until we were 100% satisfied with our project.  Taking all of that into consideration, I would highly recommend Shatterglass Studios to anyone considering such a project.  In my professional career, I have rarely worked with a more professional and talented firm.”

Nanette Koerner
Executive Director, Greyfield Legacies, LLC

“Shatterglass simply took my vision to another level. It’s one thing to have someone believe in the things you live for… But nothing compares to being surrounded by guys who are dedicated to the delivery your passion. The “I Pledge Video” set a new standard for my company’s image.”

Javae’ Wright Sr.
Chairman / CEO…Lead4Life, Inc.