Sophia Baik | Pre-Production

Sophia is a marketing student at the University of Illinois and an aspiring producer. Her passion for film and television is rooted in the belief that they are more than mere entertainment; rather, she sees the mediums as vehicles for introducing new ideas and as a language that unites people. She recently explored this notion while taking part in the production of Esquire Network’s Weekend Fix and she hopes to continue being involved in innovative, thought-provoking projects. As a part of the Shatterglass team, Sophia aims to learn more about the production process and most importantly, the art of visual storytelling.

Dora Valkanova | Production

Dora Valkanova is a doctoral student in the Communications and Media Studies program at the U of I’s Institute of Communications Research with a minor in Cinema Studies. She is also involved at the local Art Theater Co-Op as a Design and Promotions intern. In the free time she has left she is a photographer, travel enthusiast, and avid Instagramer.

Charlie Kessler | Production

Charlie has worked with the Shatterglass team on numerous projects, ranging from feature and short films to documentaries and promotional videos. A senior at the University of Illinois in Media Studies and Cinema Studies, Charlie has had a passion for film since childhood, and wants to learn as much as possible about the filmmaking process as he can.

Caitlyn Johnson | Production

Caitlyn is a College of Media student at the University of Illinois where she is studying her various passions in Cinema studies and African American studies. From a very early age, Caitlyn has been surrounded by film and it became her primary interests as a young girl. Though originally entering the University of Illinois as a Political Science student, Caitlyn’s shift to the College of Media solidified her aspirations of becoming a cinematographer and ultimately, a director. Caitlyn has been able to utilize her passion for film to create her own personal works as well as for educational and organizational causes. When she is not working on her film related coursework, she indulges in personal writings and studying the cinematic works that came before her own. Working with Shatterglass studios has granted Caitlyn the opportunity to learn hands on film production experience that she will need going forth as a filmmaker.

Jeremy Marder | Production

Jeremy is a Student at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where he is studying Media and Cinema Studies and Global Studies with a focus in Latin America. Jeremy has used his various study abroad trips in Colombia and Cuba to reaffirm his passion in the cinematic arts. Jeremy has gained facility and enjoys editing on adobe premiere, and has aspirations of being a director. He has worked on a few professional movie sets as well as his own micro-budget projects. He has worked as an intern for VER pre-production house and at Utopic post-production house in Chicago. The experience gleaned thus far at shatter glass has been invaluable and Jeremy seeks to garner more skill and wisdom through this company.

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