• Title:
  • Year:
  • Director:
    Alex Beh
  • DP:
    Pete Biagi

In 2007, Shatterglass Studios (credited as our previous film name “Essence Films”) produced the award winning short film Sugar. Since that time, Sugar has been an official selection in over 15 film festivals and won such awards as “Best Cinematography”, “Best Editing”, “Best Short Film” and “The Grand Jury Prize”. The film has been viewed over 25,000 times on Youtube (and other sites) and has been seen in festivals around the world and has appeared on the front page of Funny or Die.


Written and Directed: Alex Beh
Produced: Brett HaysRachel ReichardNathan BrownGeoff PlittBud Johnston
Co-produced: Santino Stoner
Executive Produced: Matt WertzDave Barnes and Luke Boyce


The film is about a waiter, just your average Joe, becomes so infatuated with his mysteriously beautiful customer, Jane, that he cannot focus to do his job correctly. Upon her request for sugar in her coffee, his imagination creates elaborate fantasies about a life with her including romantic walks in the park, a marriage proposal, wedding, etc. Lapsing in and out of reality and fantasy, comedy ensues on all fronts. In the end, though, was it ALL just in his head?

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